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What I've Done And How I got Here


This artile is a little late but much needed.

Todo List


  1. Hookup server hardware
  2. Drink
  3. Learn Bash and Debian infrasturcture
  4. Flash server with OS and prep LEMP stack
  5. Drink
  6. Prepare servers for headless operation via Putty
  7. Aquire domain and associate with server
  8. Send website to the internet and make it live
  9. Get IDEs and git set up for devlopment
  10. Learn HTML and build front end of site
  11. Drink
  12. How to get site found on search engines
  13. Build enclosures for servers
  14. Drink
  15. Learn CSS and make site not look like dookie
  16. Learn PHP and SQL to build back end
  17. Optimize site
  18. Establish diffrent flavors of site (Professional, Cool, and Blog)
  19. Link smart devices and other servers to site for SSO operation